Spiritus Primus

The company was founded in April 2008, and it has been operating under the name Spiritus Primus since May 2010. The owners are Hungarian individuals with a dedication to cultivating land and preserving the Hungarian tradition in a 21st century environment. The company runs its own distillery in Tiszaföldvár, very close to the beautiful arboretum of Tiszakürt next to the River Tisza.


Pálinka is a traditional Hungarian variety of fruit brandies made by the distillation of fermented fruit, except törkölypálinka (pomace pálinka) that is also classified as pálinka, which is a pomace distillate. Pálinka, törkölypálinka and some of their local varieties have protection of origin under EU regulation: the term „pálinka” can be used only by Hungary and four provinces of Austria. Similar fruit distillates produced in Romania can only be marketed under the name Pălincă. The most common ingredients are plums, pears, apples, apricots, cherries, grape pomace and strawberries, but pálinka can be made from any variety of fruit grown in Hungary (in the Austrian provinces it can only be made from locally grown apricots). Pálinka production is regulated by the 2008. LXXIII. Law of the Republic of Hungary (Pálinka Law). According to this, only those products can use the name pálinka or törkölypálinka (pomace pálinka) that
• are made from fruits or pomace grown in Hungary
• have 100% fruit content, that is, they do not contain added alcohol, colourants, flavours and sweeteners
• have an alcohol content of at least 37.5%

Hungarian Soil

We believe that Hungarian soil constitutes a unique treasure. We love it and we feel responsibility for it. Hungarian soil is intrinsic to our rich national heritage. We have to protect, preserve and care for it to the best of our knowledge in order that we could pass it on to future generations.

Hungarian Fruit

The revival of the production of heirloom fruit varieties is the key to reestablishing the diversity so characteristic in the past that made Hungary and the Carpathian Basin the pantry of Europe in terms of both quality and quantity. Only the best, flawless, ripe fruit is processed. After decades of low-to-mediocre quality mass production, at last pálinka can be produced the same way as it used to be: only fruit of the best, most excellent quality is used, either grown in our orchard or purchased from a producer. By rapid processing, undesireable oxidization and chemical-microbiological processes can be avoided during storage, processing, mashing and fermentation.

Traditional technology – modernised

The small pot distillation method was developed over centuries in order to produce the perfect flavour harmony of pálinka. This does not mean, however, that technical/technological development has come to an end. We firmly believe that the small pot distillation method suits better the flavour of pálinka, the installation of the fractionating coloumn denotes the creation of a more intensive scent/smell in answer to the demands of the modern consumer. We believe that the development of online sales is just as important as appearing in the traditional sales environment.

Hungarian equipment, Hungarian labour, Hungarian intellectual property

We aim to purchase equipment made in Hungary in order to support local producers and strengthen the sales and marketing of Hungarian inellectual property and high-quality artisan products. We trust that the same consumer attitude will contribute to the success of our products as well.

Fair trading practices

We attempt to make deals that are equally advantageous to each party in our purchases and sales transactions.

Development of gastronomic traditions, dissemination, training

Taking two tumultous decades of the development of viticulture as an example, we join the trend to make pálinka and pálinka consumption integral parts of gastronomy. We publish recipes featuring pálinka and cultural-historical writings about the production and consumption of pálinka on our website and in our publications as well.

Safeguarding the cultural and gastronomic traditions / heritage of the Carpathian Basin

The centuries old tradition of pálinka in the Carpathian Basin has current cross-border dimensions. The traditions of pálinka making in different regions of the historic Greater Hungary that now belong to other countries form an integral part of the gastronomic culture of Hungarians the same way as the traditions inside the borders of the country. We support the launch, marketing and sales of products made by Hungarians living across the borders, thereby increasing variety on the market and supporting the work of Hungarians living abroad. Innovation and invention In all areas of production and sales we give priority to intellectual development, the use of unique, novel, simple and innovative ideas by following the traditions of Hungary’s intellectual wealth. Our aims are to realize unique ideas, and to create and further develop new products and product ranges.

Latin intellectual heritage

The choice for the company name was inspired by the most highly-developed civilization of mankind, Latin. For us pálinka is not simply an alcoholic drink, a consumer item, it is the symbol of grace, the essence of the soul, the expression of belonging, the continuity of dignity, the exaltation of the spirit. All these qualities are represented by the name SIRITUS PRIMUS and our slogan: „Where the spirit begins.”